our vision

We Turn Efficiency into Performance and Concepts into Solutions

K2S strives to create actionable supply chain solutions for long term, positive impact for our customers.

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Our Core Values

Customer Centricity

We always keep the client’s best interest in mind, allowing us to foster trust, communication, and meaningful collaborations.


Our open-minded approach welcomes new ideas, challenges old ones, and thrives on continuous improvement, ensuring we (and those we serve) prosper in every circumstance.


Our team aims to remain a reliable source of knowledge for clients through consistent research of the best practices and trends, allowing our clients to understand and thrive in an unpredictable industry.


We are driven by showing results that wield the strongest, most positive impact to our clients.

Our people are our powerhouse that drives K2S and client deliverables.

We have an average of 18 years of experience in the industry with over 167 implementations collectively completed by our team. Our diverse team’s experience has led them to serve over multiple clients in a variety of industries including but not limited to retail, automotive parts, CPG, healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Ankit Agarwal
Founder and CEO

Our Founder and CEO, Ankit Agrawal holds an MBA and has amassed over 17 years of experience executing robust WMS implementations for a diverse range of clients, making him a trustworthy partner to customers. Coupled with his years in the industry, it is his clarity in solutioning, straightforward, honest communication and enthusiasm for cultivating a close knit team environment that make him the unstoppable leader of K2S. Under his leadership, K2S represents a refreshing perspective of agile, innovative systems that yield a long-lasting impact for improved efficiency and productivity.

Lisa Haynes
K2S Operations Leader

Our Operations Manager, Lisa Haynes keeps everything seamlessly running behind the scenes. From Recruiting to Human Resource Management; Project Coordination to Accounting, and everything in between. Championing a wide variety of tasks, working with multiple customers, partners, employees and vendors all at the same time! Lisa keeps the K2S Family bonded together and keeps us all moving forward at all times.

Mike Huffaker
Technology Leader

Mike Huffaker a.k.a. The Coding Guy™, is one of our chief software developers with 20+ years Supply Chain/WMS Application/Integration experience. He has worked with multiple programming languages, operating systems, databases, and development tools. His breadth of experience has helped him turn functional needs into technical solutions for a variety of clients. Mike especially enjoys working on integration between WMS and host systems, MHE systems, and Robotics systems and has extensive Integrator experience and custom integration coding experience. Mike also mentors our newest Programmer Analysts.

Scott Ehlke
Business Development Leader

Scott Ehlke is our lead in business development and brings a breadth of experience in roles across the software engineering landscape. He is an advanced technologist and seasoned leader with over 25 years of experience leading technology and product teams. Scott was one of the original architects of the BlueYonder client frameworks and has vast experience in the logistics and B2B industry.

Jim Haider
Warehouse Operations Leader

Jim Haider leads our Operational Service practice and has a wealth of experience in the WMS and ERP space. Jim has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies and is an experienced Corporate 100 Finance Supervisor, Distribution Supervisor, Distribution Manager and Distribution General Manager whose career started working a part time seasonal job picking orders in a Distribution Center. In the past, Jim has supported Inventory Management, Transportation and Distribution Center teams.

Join Our Team

Join K2S as one of our trusted advisors where we’re not just technical experts, but also the functional experts and effective communicators — on the front end — creating solutions for our clients every day.

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We are flexible — not just in the client solutions, but in the employee experience we cultivate. We take great pride in our tightly knit family like culture at K2S and would love for you to join our family.